Software Development, Project and Systems Support

Wide range of experience and ability in the computer field:
  • Web development
    • Server applications using Perl, PHP, Java or Ruby on Rails!
    • MySQL and Postgres databases
    • client side javascript and java applets
  • Unix/Linux programming and administration
  • Project Management
    • Agile Project methodologies - training in the management and development process and the supporting technologies
    • Development infrastructure - software repositories, Collaboration, Documentation, Build, Automated Testing and ticket management tools
  • Windows programming
    • Delphi, Perl and ruby on rails
  • Networking and hardware installation and support
  • wide range of experience including
    • Over 20 languages from over 20 years of experience in the industry
    • Developing, installing and supporting a range of standard commercial applications
    • Network design and support, including building and supporting firewalls, encrypted wide area networks etc.
    • Extensive automated product build and testing systems
    • Technical (Cross compiler design, a couple of domain specific languages, hardware device drivers etc.)
    • Turn-key applications
    • Specialist systems, e.g. onboard real time and post race analysis system for a 12m Americas cup yacht
  • Resume available on request
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